Y2bs overambitious city game (ongoing devlog)


Hey everyone!

My name is Zach and i work on many voxel projects as a contract artist but i do have my own personal project i’d like to make for the world. The game is a Sim-City uninspired game, Meaning that i’ll be fixing the formula that i think sim city uses for city building games. With my degree in urban design and my voxel art/animation skills I’ll slowly be building this project for however long it takes and will be updating the project here. I’ll be explaining the processes i take to making it and the design decisions i make.

Below is the link (hopefully i can post images soon) to the currently in progress first scene of the game and how i want it to look. I’ll also be making all the vehicles and pedestrians. Either way, here’s the start and i’ll see you soon!

[City Building Scene 75% complete]

So here i am so far, got a chance to work on it a little today.
Almost done, all that’s really left is to design a regular car. figuring out that design won’t be easy since cars today are very curvy, and i want to avoid the amount of curves as to reduce draw calls and maintain the aesthetic.

As you can see, the truck has been completed which is nice but was much easier since they’re pretty flat by standard. The ground segment is pretty complete i’d say since i’ll be able to represent sewage maintenance by the colors and contents of the water coming out of the pipes.

Once i figure out that darn car design i’ll be able to move forward and make the rest of the ground foliage along with variant humans.

Car design still somewhat uncertain but it’s a start.


Hi Zach, sweet… very nice and detailed. You’ve just earned your first follower (and Beta-Tester) on that project :wink: .


As always, Zach, looking fantastic!


That building looks awesome :smiley: