Workflow from Qubicle to Unity


Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a specific workflow to reduce vertices in Unity for models that come out of Qubicle?

What happen now is that a Qubicle model that has for example 1000 vertices once imported into Unity almost 10 dubbels the amount of vertices to 10,000. This happens because of the sharp edges, normals, UV, color, etc.

Regards Rob



As I said to you in the other post, I did some research and found this for Max (Idk max, but this closest to what I was talking about for blender):


Thanks for your reply. I understand how to decrease my vertices on the model, but but the following is happening once importing your models over from a modeling package to Unity.

If you have more than one material:
increase vertex count by material count

If you have a UVMap:
Increase vertex count by magnitude of 1 x number of materials with a UV map

if you have multiple textures on your UV map
Increase vertex count by magnitude of 1 x number of materials x number of materials

if you are not using smooth shading
Increase vertex count by magnitude of 1

There are dozens of other multipliers as well. Basically, nothing is free.
A model with 200 vertices fastly increases to 2000 vertices once imported in Unity. So I was wondering if there are any good practices to keep the vertices low with all above in mind.



I guess the help you need is beyond my knowledge. The only last thing I can recommend is Reddit. Try some of the subreddits related to unity or max, this is the best advice I can think of.


Thanks. For anyone that is interested in this subject. To reduce the vertex count once exporting to Unity is to do the following: Try disabling the import normals and tangents options. The values should match then. This is recommended only if your not planning on using advanced lightning and global illumination.