Workarea boxes impeding workflow


I just kind of wanted to put this out there that this is a problem.

I’ve been working in Qubicle daily for about 2 weeks now(Qubicle 3)

I have basically been designing a apartment. A large one at that. The issue with this is that there’s so many seperate objects, alarm clocks, tables, chairs, everything.

This is the optimal way to work at making things like this, putting it together in Qubicle as it just shows you how things contract and how they scale up to one another, but now that workareas can not be hidden it’s horrible to work with and I’m planning on switching back away from Qubicle 3 at this point.

Having all these objects causes that aren’t a perfect sqaure and being unable to hide the workareas just leaves rectangles EVERYWHERE. When I look at my own work area I need to constantly go to the Render tab to see how the thing actually looks. I can’t tell how the office looks from just looking at my own art anymore. I liked being able to toggle the workarea off. When I’m not inside of an object I am editing, I want an option to remove the workareas when I’m working with complex models. I know this caused issues in the past, but they were insignificant compared to actually having the ability to look at your own artwork when it gets complex.

As is not having the option to hide workareas is promoting me to make all objects in their own Qubicle file, which prevents me from easily seeing how they contract and scale to one another properly and is just not optimal.

It really isn’t a problem until you get into making complex scenes, but seeing as I’m creating a complex voxel game that i intend on working on for a long period of time, this is a genuine issue and considering the amount of changes from one Qubicle 2 to 3 and so on is so small, I’m honestly close to going back even after buying Qubicle 3.

Please consider looking into this further.


ok yuuki. I heard you. I already explained to you why i removed it. But I will add it back to the next release if it annoys you that much.

While i am at it: you were very active the last couple of days. I know you for quite some time now. You have the tendency to sound angry and use terms like broken and deal-breaker all the time. It’s my job to endure this and be nice and diplomatic. I know you use qubicle quite a lot and you mentioned you liked it quite a bit so i really don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish with this. I feel bad after reading your posts and i think i don’t deserve this. Qubicle is a one-man show so all your comments are directed at me and it’s not easy to take it not personal. It would be much more fun to help you if you would be more polite. And you would get your fixes faster by the way. Be nice and I’ll be nice to you too, ok?


I apologise if I do sound rude to you. That was not the intention, nor was I ever actually angry.

I know feedback on content that you created can easily effect you and I apologise sincerely if I have offended you or made you feel bad at all. That is not the intention, again. I’m not actually angry, but that’s hard to portray in text. This is kind of how I speak in general.

Regardless, I do apologise to you and will proof-read anything I write in future. Feel free to let me know if anything else in any replies bother you.

As for activitiy. I’ve always been using Qubicle since the first installment, I just most often post when there’s an issue.

This will be the third time I say it, but I want the point put out that I do apologise. Though I do still think I haven’t actually been rude to you, but have been very blunt. I will work on this when posting.

I never mean to attack you or belittle you in any way shape or form. I know this is a one man project and this project itself is very impressive. I’ve used it since Qubicle 1 for a reason. It’s brilliant software and you’re one of the few indie developers out there that can sustain caring about their creation for so long.

You’ve done a great job. When ever I point out a bug or request a feature I admit that it may seem hurtful to you as I am a blunt person. Your software is your creation and perhaps some of my words made you feel as if it wasn’t good enough or that you failed, regardless of why you feel negatively about the feedback. I will further look into my own replies in future, though please do bare in mind I was never trying to be rude to you, nor was ever angry.


Apology accepted and thank you for the long reply. Feels good to read that from you. As always: I am trying to do my best to make everybody happy but it’s not so easy when there are so many wishes from so many people. You know, I am doing all the website/marketing/support/knowledgebase/accounting/release/socialmedia stufff too. It’s a lot of work but I love it. And I love to help you guys.


I realise it’s a lot of work and a lot of stress. Again, I never actually felt like I was assaulting you, but I read over every single one of my posts and I was phrasing it in a way that could easily hurt the original creator. I do actually feel bad about that as another creator. I’m both a programmer and artist and anyone who creates content will understand how much feedback can effect you both positively and negatively.

I actually can’t word enough how apologetic I feel, but this will be the last time I do apologise just to get the last bits off of my chest. I wanted to make it apparent that I have been using your software since the beginning and will likely continue to do so forever, or at least until you yourself call it quits. The tools provided in your software are very vast and it sets your program apart from the rest.

I’ve actually just been enjoying myself in Qubicle lately as I’ve had inspiration to make games again.

Just creating this room for example was terrific and gratifying.

I like the room. The colours, everything and all of it was made incredibly easy due to your work.

I hope we are on good terms, even after all of this.