Windows appearing off screen


It turns out there’s an option in preferences for “Popup Window Position”.
I changed that from what seamed to be the default of “Custom” to “Centered”.

Hi, loving Qubicle so far.

I’m having an issue when going from a duel screen (extended) set up with my laptop to a single screen.

When changing to just working on my single laptop screen, Qubicles pop up windows for entering parameters seem to be appearing off screen. I know they are active but off screen because if I keep pressing Tab and Return I will eventually cycle through the options and be able to OK whatever the command is. For some windows just pressing Esc works to exit.

Using the Microsoft Windows shortcuts (Windows key + direction or Windows Key + P) for moving the active window to the active screen does not work. My laptop is definitely set to single screen usage.
Of course Qubicle is then usable again if I go back to duel screens, but I don’t always have my other screen.

Is this a known issue and has anybody else encountered it?
Any solutions?