Werid bug/glitch found



Today i found a curious glitch/bug while using Qubicle:

If i go to top view > resize matrix using resize tool > use eyedropper tool to get a color from a voxel cube which is inside of the said matrix > use attach voxel tool > attach voxel tool white lines go weird giant-sized and an error is shown as you can see in the following url:

Note: even if i only go since ‘use attach voxel tool’ step and go on as described after this part, the same error still occur. This occurs if i start from extreme right and south position of the matrix, as you can see in above’s image.

How do i can fix that?




Well first make sure you Qubicle is up to date. Then try restarting the software, this usually does the trick. If not, save your Qubicle files, then uninstall/re-install Qubicle. If this still does not fix the error id try contacting the dev:

Support: support@minddesk.com


Reinstalling the program made this glitch/error disappear.

Thanks. =]