Voxelizer problem


I have just purchased Qubicle, Voxelizer and Mesh Module from Steam.

However upon launching Qubicle I see no way of importing my obj file.
Import does not reveal anything that recognizes an obj file. Is there something I need to do to explicitly enable the Voxelizer module?


Voxelizer Module DLC

This menu should be available to you: Gif
Hope it helped :smiley:


Thanks. How do you increase the resolution of the voxels?


It’s pretty easy :stuck_out_tongue:
10x scaled

And you can check your moddel by double-clicking :smiley:


Nice feature, will it support FBX file format soon?


How are you getting the racoon’s texture to color your voxelized model?

What does your .MTL file look like?