Using pivots for the positioning of FBX exports


In the position settings of the FBX export i would like to see a “Pivot” option where it uses the pivot as the centre of the mesh by moving the pivot location of each individual object to where the World Origin is.

The settings on here are already pretty useful but ignoring the fact that the “Pivot” option never works, I do want to see one more option that would actually let me use FBX exports properly where i can rotate them around a proper pivot and they are perfectly centred to where I want. It would be extremely convenient to have the centre properly located so if i rotate the mesh in an animation it wont need all sorts of offsets to rotate around the correct place. Right now i cant export my mesh and choose where the centre is because:

  1. The pivot setting doesnt do anything
  2. The Position setting “As specified” can only be as accurate as one voxel and cant go to decimal places like pivots can
  3. The position setting “World Origin” puts a corner of the object to the origin when exporting rather than moving the pivot to the origin

The option I want would allow you to set the centre of each object manually before exporting it. Luckily the pivot system can already do this and also has the option to quickly centre the pivot to the middle of the object (so a proper option to set the position to the objects centre would also be possible). Therefore if there could be a positioning option of “Pivot to World Origin” then the positioning of the mesh can be anywhere you want by moving the pivot (using the already existing: “set pivot position” window from the modify tab)



This is so desperately needed ASAP


Yes please. This feature would help so much.


Yes please need this! +1 :+1:


I just asked for pretty much the same feature, not having seen this first. So desperately needed!



I 100% agree, if you want to tell the developer about your request send an email here: