Updated minecraft color maps?


Will the color maps for Minecraft ever be updated? Minecraft has had a lot of blocks added that should be added to the color maps. Feels a bit bad that support seems to have been dropped for this feature when it’s the primary reason I bought a couple copies of Qubicle for me and my mates.


@Smackzter As I have said in another post: Is Qubicle dead?

the Qubicle dev is rewriting the entire software and making a huge update.

I suggest you contact the developer here for a feature request: Support: support@minddesk.com


Are we allowed to even add our own? Let me add the textures in and add it too the color map. Thanks.



As you see here https://getqubicle.com/learn/article.php?id=21 the only thing you can edit is the predefined Minecraft blocks. I’m going, to be honest, I don’t have a lot of experience here, but it seems to me that the what you are really changing are the location of where the blocks will appear in Minecraft, not the actual texture (I may be wrong though).


Ah yeah so they do have a few spots I can add a lot more blocks too. :slight_smile: Thanks.


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