Unreal 4 Dev here!


Well, like the title states, I am an UE4 dev and I know a lot of people will have some hate because of that, but I am not here for some Engine War thread :slight_smile: To each their own!

I’ve been working with UE4 for over a year now, and have been thinking about what kind of art style I really want for some of my projects. And then I got to thinking about game jams, which I try to participate as much as possible in, and then I got to thinking about Pixel Art, and while Pixel Art is great, voxels are just better!

So here I am. I feel pretty much at home with the UI. I love it. I’ve been a Photoshop/Maya user for years so it’s just pretty easy to pick up.

I plan on doing some tutorials once I get my hands a little more dirty with it for new folks (because there’s actually only one for 2.5) and some of the tutorials will have Unreal workflow, but I’ll try to be as agnostic as possible when it comes to the game engine. As for the rigging/animation I have access to Maya and MODO, so I might do a series on both sides if I have the time.

I think this is a great product and I can’t wait to see what results I come up with!



Welcome @VictorBurgos, no “Engine War” here, only “Voxel Love” :smile:. Looking forward to any tutorial or work you want to share.