Unity or Unreal Engine 4?


Hello there! I am wondering which of the programs above works better with Qubicle. I will be working on my first game (School Project). Thanks!


Hi, although I do have only limitted experience with Unity and no with the Unreal Engine, I have the feeling that you have more tutorials and supporting material available for Unity… which could be an important argument for a “beginner”:


good question but I came to the conclusion it depends how high you can jump. Unity is very supportive and seem to be a beginner to advanced stepping stone with a good robust forum activity whilst if you are a coder and know-it-all ruthless and timeless game design you probably going ask yourself why didnt I just use Unreal. From that perspective it’s all about how much help you want when building whatever it is in whichever engine you choose. Both are good in their own perspective but serve a different ability and result is not comparable in this conversation.