Undo Shortcut on Mac



First of all: I am a really big fan of Qubicle and its a really great Engine.

Problem: The Undo Shortcut (CMD)+ (Z) does not work on the mac… it is really annoying especially if you want to have a fast workflow.
I tried also CTRl + Z / Shift + Z / Shift + CMD + Z / Alt + Z etc…
The Undo function on the Edit Menu works perfectly and changing the Shortcut for this function is not possible like the other ones (also i dont want to change the shortcut…).
Do i missed to change a preference settings or something like that?



Please try using the shortcut CMD + Y. If you are using a non-English keyboard, the Y and Z may be switched.

Hope that helps and apologies for the late reply - I was out of the office for most of the week.



I believe you mean Redo? On Mac traditionally apps’ Redo is mapped to CMD+SHIFT+Z or, less traditionally (I believe more influenced by Windows) CMD+Y.


No what I mean is that the Y key and the Z key seem to be flipped (don’t know why yet). That’s atypical german/english keyboard problem. Unsure how to solve this yet.


Could it be because symbols codes are used instead of key codes somehow? For instance I use Russian layout sometimes and none of the shortcuts work in Qubicle unlike more “traditional” apps where CMD+V works as paste even if the symbol under V is a completely different letter not even from the latin alphabet.


could be the case. but I was sure that I had it working properly at some point. will figure it out


CMD + Y Works ! Thank you :)!