Unable to open .qbcl file, says it's corrupted



I changed my PC’s OS: Windows 7 -> Linuxmint -> Windows 10.

I installed Qubicle, activated with serial i bough and when i try to open one of my .qbcl files, it shows the following error: ‘Can’t open “file.qbcl”. The file is corrupted.’

What is weird about this is that Mac OS version of this program can open that same .qbcl file nicely.

An interesting detail i had missed before this edit is that this .qbcl file was edited and changes made in it were saved in Mac OS version of this program.

What can be wrong with this my W10 copy of Qubicle?

How do i can solve this?



Since 7 days have passed already, can someone bring a solution for this?


I had the same problem. I was never able to open the same file again on windows, but I opened it on my mac and exported everything as a QBT file. You should be able to open that file on windows and have everything intact. Not sure what changed but I used to move between OSX and my PC all the time with Qubicle.


Ah, understood.

I’ll try that!

Thx! =]

Btw, it’s weird that have some differences between windows and mac versions.


The following part where the user will understand the process to open the qbcl file, that it’s corrupted so logitech h111 mic not working will manage the particular process that managed by the experts.