Trouble getting exports to look the same in Unity


I’m working on a game as a hobby project, I am trying to make it look similar to this style

As you can see from my screenshot, no matter how I import into Unity, it doesn’t look right.
When I use Vertex Colors, there is no depth or shadows.
When I use Textures, I can not seem to get the lighting right, and all the shaders that I choose look wrong.

What am I missing. I’ve spent lots of time, off and on, over the past few months playing with different methods.

Any ideas?


@pixelbrain I don’t know much about Unity, but from what I can see, it seems like that other game you mentioned baked in the lighting to the model, I noticed that none of the game assets have shadows, only the character does. So if you into “baking”, I think you might be able to achieve what you want.

You can learn more about lighting here:
And learn more about importing to Unity here:

I suggest also reading everything in the “Learn” database, like read everything (it won’t take that long). You can find the main database here:

If you have any other problems, that cant be resolved by reading the “Learn” database or cant be solved on this forum, then I suggest contacting the developer here:

Good luck! I hope I helped: :slight_smile:


Very helpful info! Will be looking in to this today.