Transparent voxels



Is it possible to add a voxel which has transparent properties e.g. amending a voxel so the opacity is like 50%



No, this is not possible in Qubicle. Sorry.


that would be cool to male transparent voxels… for water… ligths… and stuff! =)


Is it in the plans to support transparent voxels?


This would actually be a really nice feature to add in seeing as how this is a fairly standard trick to use when making pixel art! I’m a fairly new Qubicle user, and am already interested in it’s illustrative potential! It’s looking as if I want to get fancy on any rendering/lighting tricks [or making certain voxels transparent] I’ll have to be exporting everything out to another program which is just another step I suppose. Anyway, not to completely derail here, but please do consider adding in transparency and material options in the future! :smiley:


I will do, or in fact I am already doing. This requires a rewrite of large parts of Qubicle. Just to point out the magnitude of this request :wink:


I would like to add my voice requesting support for transparent voxels. If you are working on it, would it be possible to get an estimation on how long it will take to be added?



Hey, So a found a very easy fix when you see the transparent voxel glitch. All you have to do is select the model when you’re in the “model view” then rotate the model using the 90 degrees rotate button in the “transform” settings completely until it returns to its original position.

Once you do that, the model should be back to normal, it works with me everythime.