Top home rotation, hotkeys, short cuts, paint tool, dropping selections to ground level


Hi. Big fan of your software, but I have a couple requests. I’ll try to make them as clear as possible.

So when you click the cube in the upper right, it brings your camera to a predefined location, which is incredibly useful. My main concern is when you’re clicking the top button it also locks the camera to the front top view, rather than possibly the left, or right, or back top view. If i’m working from the right angle, and I click the top, I would expect it to center in on the top from the angle i’m working in, but it doesn’t. Is there a way you can fix it so that it goes to the top from the view your closest to working in?

If i’m not being clear let me know.

Second, is it possible to reassign keyboard short cuts? If not, can you please incorporate a keyboard short cut for the single voxel paint tool? It is a common tool I use and I hate having to grab the mouse just to enable it.

Also I think it would be useful to have the abillity to drop a selection of voxels to the floor through some short cut. If I copy and paste something it places it way up in the air and i have to sit there and bring it down. It would be even more useful if instead of the floor it took into account other voxels below it on the Y axis and dropped them right to it. For instance, say I have a floor that consists of 1 voxel on the y axis, and I used this theoretical tool to drop my selection all the way next to it, it would then begin on the second voxel on the Y axis. However this would only occur if your selection of voxels were hovering above another present voxel, if not, it would by default drop it to the 0 y axis. If this isn’t possible to create, can you at least make it so when you paste something (not just the clipboard, but a selection of voxels) it by default brings it a 0 on the y axis instead of floating in the air?

Finally, when I use the scale tool, I have to double the number I actually want it to stretch to. If i have a selection of voxels and I want to stretch it on the Z and it’s only 1 voxel, and I want it to be 30 deep, I have to put in 61, instead of 30. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Also, when I scale it on the Y, it seems to scale it downward, putting my voxels through floor, and therefore I have to move them back into the selection or they will be immediately deleted. This is only a slight annoyance I suppose, but it would be nice if they scaled up, not down.

Once again, if I’m not being entirely clear, just let me know and I’ll try to convey it better.


Hey Kid,
thanks for the nice feedback and the feature requests.

To assign keyboard shortcuts please read:

I have added an entry to the help menu that links to that article (coming with 3.0.5)

I guess I have understood all requests and I will add them to the list.
I’ll have a look at the scale issue in a minute. You should also try Integer scale which is 100% accurate for integer values.