The Unshaded Style


Hi there, :slight_smile:
Im new to voxelart and just used Magica Voxel until this time, but Im looking forward to get qubicle in near time.

My question is, how can I achieve the unshaded style, that just a few games use, Voxelnauts for example. I give you some differnt examples that you guys really know what I mean:

or simply the whole site:

This style is, how I mention before, something you really not see often in games, and looks to me, really as if you bring 2D sprites into 3D. I want to make games in a similar style, so my question is; is it (from a technicalviewpoint) hard to achieve, that a game work in the unshaded style (maybe programmed in unity), or how do I achieve this Style in general?

I glad if you can help me, because Im not find much about it in the web


There are some ready to use asset packages available for Unity, like Marvelous Techniques. They mostly provide a set of shaders with fixed colors and fixed gradients. If you’re using Unity, that would be the easiest way to go, otherwise they may be at least worth a look for a small price. They should be easily portable to other rendering environments, as they don’t use rocket science for the look - but they requie some artistic talent to get the color experience right.


In Unity you can use the Unlit shader.
However, if you want your objects to cast dynamic shadows you’ll have to do a bit of googling around.


Well thanks for the answers, I will see what I can do