The new "Modules" opinion


I’m just going to bring this up and nothing more as someone who is purchasing the indie edition right now.

I think nothing is wrong with modules at all and it’s a good way to segment pieces to make the main product a lot cheaper.
I am going to say though, it’s very poor practice that basic needed features were put behind them.

I say this even as I don’t get involved with the modules. I have been using the master editions sold by Qubicle since the first versions. This is just an outlook at it from someone who would never have used them in the first place.

Locking things like the mesh optimisation behind a module is horrible practice. You NEED that to make the product be of any use. If I didn’t get optimised exports out of your product, it would actually have been easier to just make voxel-like models in blender which is not hard to use at all for such simple tasks. 3 days of tutorials I did years ago made me able to do such simple tasks.

That being said, the unoptimised models are useless. It’s not easier to make models in Qubicle than anything else for reference material. Drawing in 2d actually makes for quicker references for example.

Just… the base product without something as simple as that is silly, but at the same time the voxeliser being in a module is perfectly fine. This product has no need to have a voxeliser, so having one as a module you pay for is brilliant to have around.

As for the Utility module. It’s fine to have something like this and it’s nice that it exists. I actually want it to stay in existence through further versions, but some things locked in it make little sense.

Locking colour modifiers… Hue/Saturation etc behind it is just silly. It’s not hard to program those and those are BASIC tools that should be in the base product, while the landscape generator is fine to not be in the product as it is a specialised feature you wouldn’t expect. Just colour modification is a base feature. It’s like selling a video game that requires a module to hit 60 frames per second.

I like modules, I want them to keep existing through further versions of Qubicle. I just wanted this opinion read so that more thought can be put into what is put into those modules.

As is, the base version needs DLC to have these features:

Colour modification through hue and other such tools
Optimised/Usable meshes. Those two words may as well be the same thing.
Boolean difference/intersection tools.
Object hierarchy… Literally all of it
Importing colour palettes from Adobe.

There’s a lot more silly ones, but that’s a brief description.
Anything that makes the software more usable should not be locked behind a pay wall.
The base-product without modules is mostly useless. It’s difficult to make things with many missing tools and the exports have no optimisation so are completely useless for anything more than a reference, which you could make near as fast in Blender.

I think when selling modules you should sell more specialised things people won’t always need in the base product. Not basic needs to try and force people to buy the modules.

Things that should be behind modules in my opinion are the landscape generation, the voxeliser and anything else that ever released that just doesn’t at all effect how easy the product is to use.

As is, the base product is just… Annoying and difficult to use to the point it’s not a good voxel editor anymore. Many voxel editors already exist that are cheaper than the base version of Qubicle, if not free and much better than it.

The full version of Qubicle is better than any other voxel editor, that is my honest opinion as someone who has used many of those options, but the base version of Qubicle having all these missing tools may as well just be a permanent free version with no export options. It feels like a trial version you pay 20 dollars for.

I know this is a post most won’t like reading and may react badly to, but I wanted to put this out there as information to be used for reference in future. That’s the only purpose of it. I am not saying remove or change anything. It’s a bit late for that now.


I hear you. I am having a different opinion. The basic edition is not useless. You might look at it that way because you want to create a game and need mesh optimization. There are people out there who just want to mod a game and need Qubicle because the game was made with it. That’s what the basic edition is for. You need mesh optimization because it’s essential for game development. I don’t want to give you that much power for $20. You have to understand that Qubicle is not a game that you can sell a million times. It’s a niche product that requires a lot of support. The indie edition is for somebody like you and the price I am asking for is very fair considering how much you get.

And about the modules: it is, like it is now. I would have done it differently if I had know how people react. I clearly didn’t, so I have learned my lessons the hard way. I had very good reasons for the decisions I made. Steam does not allow me to change it. Better luck next time.


Again. I do not think modules are bad at all, nor was this an angry post.

I’m actually pretty neutral as someone who wasn’t going to purchase modules anyway, but I just wanted the opinion out. I know it was likely unpleasant to read and it took a lot out of me to write and post as someone who loves the product and always has. I just wanted that out really.

I agree that I have a different view as someone who wants to make models for practical reasons such as games and artistic scenes, but I just find some features being locked is a bit strange in my own opinion. It’s nothing more than an opinion. I am just someone that gets very involved with various releases of software and the different payment models so I thought some insight would be helpful. I honestly do mean this though, please do not abandon the modules idea. Modules is a brilliant payment model when done right.

Thank you for taking this post so seriously as well. I sincerely apologise for putting it up even still.