Symmetry tool offset problem


Using Qubicle 3.0.6 on OSX (Steam)

Well it’s easier to show you a GIF instead of describing it by words :slight_smile:

This is a 64x64x64 Matrix. Somehow the Symmetry seems to be off by 1 voxel.

And here’s another gif that may help you understand the problem better:

EDIT: Just found out that this “offset” problem is also present in selection or extrude tools. Actually, every tool that uses a “rectangle” selection/drawing mode suffers from this very problem.

EDIT 2: OMG, I can’t believe I didn’t realize this before. This offset bug ONLY applies to the preview at the “other side” of symmetry. It’s even seen offset in the pink “ghost state” but after I press Enter to confirm the operation, the symmetry works as intended with no offset (as opposed to the preview). GIF:

EDIT 3: Strange stuff I believe are related to the same problem. Using move tool, I just want to move the shape to another place in the Matrix, but symmetry goes nuts! It’s like the symmetry applies the transform on both sides, therefore produces (duplicates???) 2x2=4 shapes. Here’s a GIF to describe it better:

EDIT 4: Some other strange behaviour here:
What’s happening in this GIF:
-I select the shape with Move Tool (Symmetry on X: ON)
-Move the shape and everything works as they should.
-Then I Undo
-Turn Symmetry OFF
-Select shape with Move Tool
-Move the shape upwards
-Apply, and there it is! A duplicate shape, ONLY on the “symmetric” side, it’s left there where it was, before the transformation.
-GIF Capture ends suddenly and loops back to the start :slight_smile:


Hey there,
it seems that you are right. I will try to add fixes to the next release.
Sorry for the late reply!


1 unit offset fixed. Coming with 3.0.7

about your point 3. this is intentional.
The way how you should do it would be to select and translate the voxels on just one side
OR deactivate mirroring for that operation

point 4 is indeed strange. will take a bit longer to understand and fix this


thanks for the fast fix!

about point 3: i don’t know why it’s intentional (i don’t get the advantage of such behaviour) but i think it kinda feels more natural to, say (on symmetry X), if i move the left piece (or any selected voxels) 2 units left (x= -2), the symmetrical piece at the other side should move 2 units to the opposite direction (x=2). hence if you move any piece on any side on Y axis, the behaviour i mentioned in point 3 is not there, since the symmetry is on X axis.

well to be honest, that’s not a big deal since if does not give any major advantage while modelling in the matrix. we’re not dealing with trillion polygon models here anyway :slight_smile: it’s really fast to split the parts as new matrices and position them however i want :slight_smile:

EDIT: your fix is already on steam! you rock!