Super Space Arcade


Hi there,

this is my fast-paced 3D voxel space shooter “Super Space Arcade”.
It’s available on for Mac, Linux, Windows and Android.
Soon available on iOS too.

It’s a free MIT-licensed endless runner, source code available on Github.
All assets are licensed under CC-SA-4.0


Nice project… a big applause for the free source code! :clap:


I’ll also put all of the assets on eventually, think I’ll even switch to a CC-0 license.
Actually feels pretty good to just give it away.

Any feedback on the actual game? Any critique?
I know it needs more content, but would love to know what people think in terms of perspective, speed, visual clutter, sounds.


This is awesome, thanks for sharing :grin: :clap:


Just wanted to say the game is as of today also available on the App Stores:

iTunes App Store (iOS)

(There has been a graphics glitch with older iOS devices, fix uploading right now)