Status of the new Qubicle, if such thing exists?


Hi, I was wondering i there is any new info about the new Qubicle? As written in another post you supposedly are working on rewriting Qubicle since 2016. If this is correct then how is the status so far? When can we expect an update on it’s development?

If you are still working on a new version it would be awesome if the new exporter would produce very low poly watertight models. Now the editor support watertight models but then the models are still to high poly. I think it’s a priority that the models are watertight and very low poly.

Hoping for an answer. Gr Rob



I was talking to the dev a week a go.

We should see an update by the end of 2018.


Hi @Zeitheus, was the dev talking about an update of the existing Qubicle or the new Qubicle?



New Qubicle.

Also, if you really want to talk to the Dev (What I did) then email him here:


Thanks for the reply, I’ll sen him an email.


AAaaaannndddd, its the end of 2018! Please suprise us with an update of the new rewritten Qubicle as stated above “new Qubicle update by the end of 2018”. I’m so curious!!


So, 2018 is gone. No updates? Does the dev even come here anymore?


2019 is halfway finished, still no update!


Has me worried to, but I think he will eventually finish it.


I hope so, I really like the workflow instead of other voxel editors. Especially for game development. But i still miss a few essential options. For example better poly reduce on export etc. Texture options etc.