Stability/predictability of texture mapping?


Hi there!
I haven’t yet purchased Qubicle but have one last thing I need to know before I do. Unfortunately this isn’t something I can test with the trial version, but it’s fairly important to me.

If I create one model, can I then use Qubicle to paint my textures for that model?

For example, if I create a “human male” model, and export it to a standard mesh format like fbx, it will come with a texture generated by Qubicle.
So far, from what I can see in the examples, the textures do come out as ‘readable’ rather than an assortment of patternless pixels, which is a big selling point for me.

So on to the actual question.
I’ve made my model, exported, and got my texture.
I want to make another texture with different skin tone, outfits, etc.
Can I then grab the paintbrush inside Qubicle, repaint the voxel colour WITHOUT changing the geometry, export, and have a brand new texture that will map onto my existing exported mesh?


Hey Chase. Great questions. First, i just wanted to point out that Qubicle has three texture export options, I’m not sure if these are version dependent but you can export as a Texture(think normal unwrapped uv image map, but the uv’s are fitted to make the best use of available image space), SimpleTex (think UVs of the same color stacked on top of each other with simple bands of color for the image) and Vertex Color.

It sounds like you are looking for the standard Texture export option which would allow you to recolor the model, export it’s texture (and model, but you can just delete the extra models and use one) and then apply/swap textures on a single model. This can be done very easily here is a gif of a simple test with the standard Qubicle frog in Unity.

Worth noting, in Unity you could actually get away with using just one Material and using code to swap out the material’s main texture for each model you have.

Hope that answers your question.


That answers my question pretty well, thank you!