[SOLVED/UPDATED]: Due to new General Data Protection Regulations this forum will go offline on May 24th


You might have heard of the new european data protection regulations (GDPR). It’s aim is to protect all personal data in the EU. It is a blessing for customers but will be a curse for almost all small companies because the requirements are gigantic. My goal is to provide a GDPR compliant service (if I don’t, I risk fines of 4% of global income). This forum in its current state is not GPDR compliant. Therefore I am making the tough descision to shut it down on May 24th, until find a way to host a forum that meets the requirements.
If you have any ideas please let me know.


@Admin I think if we have to move the community, we should move it to the Voxel subreddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/VOXEL/

It’s for all voxel art and software help, so I think we should be good.


That’s a very good idea @Zeitheus, I will do that. My apologies for the late reply, the GDPR is a little nightmare. If push comes to shoves I will have to switch the software and/or make an faq of the valuable data found here.

I will pull the plug later today.
Thanks for your great help so far!


@Admin No problem! the important thing now is making sure that no one is confused about where to go for community discussion.


Good news everybody. I was able to solve this problem.
Server is now located inside the EU
Server uses SSL encryption (https)
You can unsubscribe emails now by using a link at the bottom of the email

My apologies it took so long!