Simple, blocky dungeon


I just wanted to show off some simple art I’ve been doing in the past few days. It’s just a bit of a showcase I think of what you can do with voxels while keeping the poly count very low as well as just using very few colours.

This is art for the procedural generation jam I’m doing with Trent Sterling,

A big reason why I’m showcasing this is also just to show where some of the tools a lot of people don’t use can come in handy.
This was all done with the shading in Qubicle completely disabled. This was actually really helpful as I could make this art have almost it’s own kind of faked lighting using the voxel colours. This made it come out with a very smooth style.

Having an option to disable bounding boxes also made working on this a lot easier, so I’d like to thank Tim for re-adding that to the new version of Qubicle since I asked for that. It was a great help!
I also only now discovered you can use orthographic views from the camera menu in Qubicle, those were really helpful too!

Really simple little showcase, but I though it would be fun to show.

Here’s a few of my favorites up close.


I’m actually working on modular buildings using qubicle. Little more detail but still the same concept!


Here is another with a placeholder model in the middle!


Really nice work guys!

Yukki- cool trick with the flat shading. Good look!

Dunfee- your texture work is stunning.

Looking forward to how these progress.