Sicifi Voxelart


Hello everyone, not long since entered and I find a new forum!
Here I leave some of mi sci-fi models. waiting for 3.0 update!

Mi first model in qubicle “CyborgSpider”

NEW: Uploaded in Sketchfab

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“so New users only can put 1 image in a post :_(”
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How much is the size of this art?


Is composed with some pieces but in total is aprox 60x80x130, and exported is 13k vertices this not a regular mob is one of the bosses, this image show more good the dimensions: Dimensions


hey hey! PsicoVoxexl, wassup?

Model looks nice :slight_smile: excited to see more from you


Hey Zach thx, too much time since last talk, but you know this is an old model, not too much modeling this time because i’m busy learning UE4 but now i create a good generic skeletal and its time to model again!
Good look with your FoxDawn project looks amazing!