Setting export options for every object in the scene


Currently one of the major killer features of Cubicle is the ability to edit multiple objects in one scene.
You can export them as FBX and they can use one atlas with packed textures for every object.
It is cool but when you set export settings they apply to all objects.

For example choosing to not export bottom triangles …

How about to add object option where you can set wchich side to export?
It should not be very hard and we can then export scene and have every object optimised. One with empty bottom. One with empty sides etc.

There is an option to make a group in Qubicle but as a result on export we get one solid mesh. With additional switch like “export as solid / export parented hierarchy” we could get another killer feature: ability to export hierarchy for easy animation. Feature exist but we need to add just slightly modified export option.

Thank you for your hard work I love Qubicle and this kind of things could be super usefull for us developers!


Thanks for the suggestions. I was planning to add a batch export using XML with per object export settings. And of course command line export. I guess that would help a lot.

I am not sure at the moment if I want to add hierarchical compound export but rather a “real” group node.

I am currently working on a new render engine which has got highest priority.


I understand that the new rendering engine is of importance, but it would be great, if you would reconcider to pull this topic earlier, as it consumes a lot of time to export each object manually from within the editor. Being able to define an individual export setting for each object and triggering this by command line would enable Qubicle to run within an automated build pipeline.
Maybe I can be of some help here? Wouldn’t want anything else as the feature in return, I think it would still save me time, if I volunteer to implement it by myself :wink: