Sculpting Brushes


it would be cool, if one could sculpt. For example you could have a brush that attaches more than one Voxel. MagicaVoxel has it. A move brush would be nice as well. It would make everything much more intuitive. right know i could not find a Voxel tool that feels professional enough. Qubical is promissing. I will have a look in a few month.

greetings from cologne


I must agree. Qubicle is approaching voxel art from the production side. Great export, great mesh generation, matrices, naming, all that. But it’s slightly missing on the artistic side. MagicaVoxel on the other hand is approaching voxel art from an opposite direction. It’s more artistic but a pure next to frustration production tool. For now one could combine the two. But I believe the further in time the more the two will be meeting in the golden middle. This is a natural phenomenon seen in many games engines. So Qubicle, keep up great work!


I cant wait, i also think that it will be extremly awesome.



Sculpting brushes will be included in a later version of Qubicle, but we can’t yet say when that will be.

Grüße aus Hannover :wink: