Rotation problem


I have some issues with rotation tool.

Every time I rotate and object, I lose pixels.

I need few attempts to make a good rotation, I try rotating object inside the matrix, outside the matrix, or after modifying the object or after modifying another object, or rotating two objects at the same time, I obtain different results, I finish making the fixes by hand again and is a little bit tired. By the way, I’m rotating by 90 degrees every time in different axis.

How can I make a good rotation?


Making a good rotation using the “rotate” tool can be very difficult because your messing with voxels, not a smooth 3d model. So it will always look jaggy and pixelated/voxelated. Not sure if I totally understand your problem, but it you just want to rotate the object( without it changing shape) on any axis other then just 90 degrees, you will have to use another 3d program like Blender(which is free). If you need more help, I suggest contacting the developer here: