Respect Transform please


Is there a setting somewhere that will force Qubicle to respect the location and scale coming in from a source OBJ when voxelizing?

I am spending a ton of time and effort fixing up transforms in Qubicle and 3dsmax.


CmdTranslateExportPivot: 7 17 12.5 absolute

Please, please, please let me disable this. Please do not auto center the voxelized OBJ. Just bring the model in where it was in the original file. Please.

And this:

Please just bring the OBJ in at 1,1,1. Please. Do not scale the mesh to fit the volume. So much wasted time, so many user errors, especially since the fields require a Tab through to take. Clicking OK, disregards the values in an active field.
And please scale from the pivot, not the world origin. When scaling back to 1,1,1 I have to offset the mesh again to try to get it to align.

I am trying to use Qubicle in a real world production environment, but it is a major, major battle. I have hundreds of models to process.

I have set up a sequence of favorites to try and clean up the pipeline, but not all commands are available for favoriting.

Is it possible to script actions in Qubicle? That would help immensely.