Render options in Qubicle vs MagicaVoxel


I’ve been using MagicaVoxel for some time now, and one of the features I really like about it is the ability to render my models within it (if only in a basic fashion) and save them out, with no need to import into something like Blender to add lighting etc. That’s a big plus for me, though I do prefer the editing options and interface of Qubicle.

My question is, is there a similar option in the new Qubicle V3? Last time I tried Qubicle I was using V1.6 and there were no adequate render options in that version.

Qubicle on OS X renders PNGs as noise

While there’s no real nice way in qubicle there is one … simply create it in qubicle and export it as a .vox and open it in magicvoxel for rendering :smiley:


Just FYI: I will start adding a pre-developed render engine to Qubicle in a few weeks.


That sound awesome! Will it work with bigger models than magicvoxel? :slight_smile:


Yes, definitely.
But it will take some time to reach MVs render options and quality. I will try to find and employ someone who helps me with this. Shader developer are a rare species


Unfortunately they’re very rare but should be findable :stuck_out_tongue:


Does that mean that we will be able to tweak shadows and other stuff while rendering turntables, for example?


shadows, custom lights etc. I am not sure yet what will come but that’s the minimum I guess.
Will start soonish