Remember Export Location or Set Workspace


Hey there,
So something that Qubicle 3 isn’t doing that Qubicle 2.5.x did was remember the location to which I last exported a mesh. Every time I launch Qubicle, when I go to export a mesh in Qubicle 3.x, I must re-navigate my system to locate the directory to which I previously exported. This can be very time consuming, especially when the destination is nested in a relatively long path (for example: M:\Unity\Projects\5.6\PROJECT\Assets\Models… and so on). I would like to see Qubicle 3 remember the last place to which I exported a mesh.

Alternatively, it’d be pretty awesome if Qubicle could set a “workspace” to which all files are saved/exported, or opened/imported, similar to Maya. The workspace would persist through exiting and relaunching the program, and could be changed at any time. Perhaps you could save workspaces which can be accessed from a menu or panel in order to quickly change between workspaces (for example, if you have multiple projects you may be working on at a time).

Just suggestions; I hope they are taken into consideration. :slight_smile:


Hi Ar7ific1al,

I have a solution for you that isn’t Qubicle specific, but a Windows feature. I usually work in multiple folders across my system and the ones I want to access quickly I add to the Quick Access section in Windows. It will show up on the left column of every Save dialog then, one click and you’re there.

To add a folder to the Quick Access in Windows, right click on it and choose “Pin to Quick Access”.

So, not a Qubicle solution, but something you might find handy across all your apps.


I don’t use the Quick Access function of Explorer at all, but I appreciate the suggestion. :slight_smile: I tend to create network shortcuts instead that appear under My Computer for locations I access frequently. That being said, I don’t like clutter, so I don’t create a shortcut for just everything. :stuck_out_tongue: