Reducing the size of a model?


Hi. Once a model has been made in Qubicle can it then be reduced ‘down’ in size??? uniformally that is?


Hi, It looks like there isn’t a resize button, but you could export the model as an Object then re import it as a Voxelizer then use that to change the size then convert back to a matrix.


Actually there is a way but you have to keep in mind that the smallest entity is a Voxel. I.e. if you “resize” the result will be looking best if you can divide the current size by 2 (if you have e.g. a width of 3 and you want to resize it, you will end up either with 1 or 2 Voxels in width, not in 1.5).

Menu: Modify > Transform > Scale

Write e.g. “0.5” in the field for the axis you want to scale down.

Another approach could be to do it outside of Cubicle. This only works if you are happy with your model already and you simply want to align the size to other elements in a game or so. You can free scale your model in Blender and other tools.


Thanks for the response folks. I did as you suggested, I exported my Qubicle model as an .obj file into Blender. Reduced the model down to where I wanted it but I’m now wondering HOW to import it back into Qubicle. I haven’t tried voxelising yet but I’m keen to learn. I would appreciate any help given here???


Maybe you can explain why you want to reduce the size of your model… to make it a bit easier to suggest how to do it. What’s the goal? How is your workflow looking like?

Exporting to Blender and resizing does only make sense, if you want to use the model afterwards in e.g. Unity to create a game, or so. There would be no point to import it back to Qubicle.

If you want to continue working on the model in Qubicle, the transform-operatoin (scale as explained above) is what you can do… with all the limitations it has.


Ok, I’ve alway liked adding my own models to games (like minecraft for example). This for me is more exciting than actually playing the game. At the moment I’m playing Trove (as it’s free) In some of the dungeons in Trove there is differing kinds of furniture, beds, chairs etc, I like the idea of having my own static furniture rather than something someone else has made. As a retired enthusiast it keeps my brain from drying up.:sunglasses: The model dungeons in Trove are not that big so there is a need to reduce the size of my models to fit in with the dungeon.


It looks like Trove is a Voxel Engine, so my method would work best.

  • Export your Qubicle model as an Object. File > Export > Wavefront Obj
  • File > New Model
  • Voxelize > Create Voxelizer
  • Voxelize > Load Mesh (Here is where you choose the object you just exported)
  • Voxelize > Set Target Size (Here is where you set the dimensions of your model)

Since Trove uses Voxels, or little cubes, I think this method is what you want. Trove Uses the Qubical format by the look of things.


Hi There. I’m using Qubicle v 3 and it does have a ‘voxeliser’ command but when I click on it there is nothing there??? Is this because I have to also have ‘voxeliser DLC’??? Or should voxeliser come with Qubicle??? if this is so then I din’t seem to have it???


Yeah, I have the Indie Edition so I have everything, Your going to need the Voxelizer DLC, With that you would be able to resize the model to the exact dimensions you wanted and also import other object models you may download to start as a template for a new Qubicle Model.