Qubicle status - what is going on?


It has been three months since last message to community from developers. Nothing here, nothing on Steam forum, nothing on Twitter & FB, no feedback at all. It is concerning to say the least.
When I was buying Qubicle & two of its “DLCs” I was under impression that it is in active & rapid development. It seemed that choosing it over combination of few free(!) tools is justified, esspecialy with teased engine update for better rendering and improved performance.
Can anyone comment on status of Qubicle development? Is it still happening? Can we (customers) expect at least updates fixing bugs and improving performance a bit? What is going on exactly?

I hope my concerns are unfound and developer just took long vacation and forgot to leave a note.


I have the same Question and I will buy Qubicle but with no information about the progress, i cant do that.


I just want to know how to make a proper UV for UE4 cause everything I read online didn’t work. . I had to switch over to unity just to get things moving.


Did anyone get any answers to this question?? i would like to know to


This place is dead. Developer had some serious accident or he doesn’t care anymore about Qubicle development & support.

For future voxel needs, check Magica Voxel & Goxel. They are being actively developed and are FREE.


Got a reply, developer won’t stop developing Qubicle and currently rewriting Qubicle, I think the result will be great, I can’t wait :grinning:


Thats good to hear! as good as MagicaVoxel is i really don’t like the workflow.


Me too, personally for me Qubicle much better, it has tons of features that make my workflow faster and easier :grin:

But I really like MagicaVoxel render, so I hope the new Qubicle will have this feature.


Thank you for sharing this information, Kris!
It’s very good that the man is alive & in good condition, future of Qubicle aside.
One can hope he will be more open & communicative in a future, I sure do.



My $.02:

I would like to see development steer Qubicle towards being more gamedev pipeline friendly.

A bit of lightweight scripting, a little UI customization, more control over pivots, animation, palette remapping.


That’s really nice to hear! I absolutely love the program :smiley: Can’t wait to see the result!