Qubicle probably saved my project. Just putting that out there


I’m not sure if this sort of “off topic” post is allowed on here, but after my first post was a complaint, I just wanted to express that after my project was put in serious jeopardy because of a contracted resource who didn’t quite come through, Qubicle is probably the one thing saving my butt.

I can’t quite do 2D freeform art, but voxels, I can do, and Qubicle makes voxels beautiful. I’m using PicaVoxel for alpha editing on some of my bits, but Qubicle is really an essential part of my workflow now and the fundamental reason that I won’t have to delay my project by months or possibly even crash and burn due to budget overrun pre-crowdfunding.

So… I see a lot of agita on this board over modules and the steam edition and so forth. I just want to put it out there that $75 for the Indie editor is perfectly reasonable and maybe even slightly low, considering that it’s saving my bacon right now and is a very mature product that could maybe use a few additional features like alpha channel editing as icing on the cake.

So, to the developer(s): a hearty thank you from me. This application is beautiful.


Thank you! That’s great to hear.
I am currently working on a new render engine. Very very maybe (no promises) I might be able to add alpha channel in the future. It’s a tricky feature, though.
Good luck for your project.


Here’s a little bit of what I’ve got going on so far:

Absolutely everything built in Qubicle, but I’m using PicaVoxel to manage alpha values on the voxels I need transparent or emissive. When Qubicle can handle this itself, it’ll shorten my workflow tremendously and lighten my dependency list! :slight_smile:


Better movement speed, less tedious to play/watch. :wink: