Qubicle failing to open due to Google Drive


I have been using Qubicle and have saved a file withing the google drive synced folder on my hard drive.
The second time I came to save the file, it did not allow me to do so, and came up with an error saying the file was already in use. I therefore saved it as another name, within the drive folder.

I have since closed down Qubicle. Now whenever I try to open it, the attached image error appears and does not let me run the programme at all. I am not trying to open the file it is suggesting in the error, but simply trying to run the programme from the desktop shortcut.




I did the same mistake, don’t put any Qubicle files in google drive, they do not save well.

What you can do to try to save them is by copying the file and re-pasting it.