Qubicle 4 - still hoping that it will happen



I write this post to voice my continuous very high interest in next version of Qubicle.

In last four years it let me make hundreds models both as work and hobby. I think many of those wouldn’t be feasible in other voxel editing programs, at least without me going crazy :wink: I learned to appreciate its design and workaround some limitations, and it became my “workhorse”. Sure alternative editors are good at certain things, but IMO Qubicle excels in more than few areas. Like those:

  • advanced & precise selections system
  • colour quantisation & HSL tools
  • palette import/export, palette sorting, cleaning, applying, etc
  • linear snapshot and linear projection
  • gradients with transparency per start/end
  • align & distribute matrixes
  • precise less-than-90-degree rotations
  • booleans, hull/core
  • good keyboard shortcuts management system

I would be glad to see some feature enhancements in new Q - like better handling big models - but even only slightly enhanced more like “maintenance release” would be great. Just recently motherboard of my old Mac died, had to buy new machine that don’t support older MacOS version that would run 32-bit Qubicle 3.

I would buy Q4 in instant when available, even in early beta state with some features incomplete.

Best wishes to Dev & fellow Voxel Enthusiasts,