Qubicle 2.0 - Missing Tools


Just a heads up, yes I am still using 2.0 version because of issues with 2.5 and unable to get 3.0.

Anyways, I was recently working on a project of mine. I was working on it for most of the day and several hours later, most of my tools have disappeared from my tool bar and several features are missing (Mainly the 3D tools like the Box and Extrude tools and I am unable to use features that I use constantly Compound>Pack, Compound>Unpack, and/or Compound>Merge).

I don’t know what went wrong, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program to no success. Is there any way I can get these tools back?


In 2.0 you were able to toggle pro features by using the button with the star on the start screen. Start Qubicle click the star button and features are back. Or delete ini files from documents/qubicle2