Project Siela Pics


Hey all! Just figured I’d share a few pictures of a game I’m making using Qubicle and Unity (in C#).

No official name as of yet, and I probably won’t be sharing any gameplay details ect, but I’ll sure share the pictures!

Campfire in the dead of night.

Running around testing collisions and jumping all over the place.

Some basic weapon paperdolling.

Dual wielding as well as a start to my equipment window :smiley:

Anywho, if you guys are interested I’ll post more pics as I continue to work :smiley:


Got some more time to work on the project today. Created my base Inventory system. Takes a snapshot of every model and then renders it based on ItemId in your inventory array. Biggest plus here in there is absolutely NO performance drop with this system. Perhaps later I’ll make the inventory render the 3d models instead of snapshots, but for now, this is slick enough for me.


Looks nice… volunteering as a Beta-Tester :wink:.


Glad to have ya haha.

Dual wielding as well as a start to my equipment window :smiley:


@SkywardRiver Coincidentally the characters from the game we’re creating has near identical arms and feet. :stuck_out_tongue: This is the mage :smiley: mage


That’s a Lemming, isn’t it? :smile:


Haha :smile: @Voxel_Pirate
It would be fun if you guessed correctly but it’s one of four characters in an upcoming demo of the game. The Dungeon Bosses. It’s a rogue-like game based in a dungeon filled with Bosses :stuck_out_tongue: