Placable Colour mixer Qubicle


I recently bought qubicle and noticed something that I feel would help other users like myself to more efficiently use the program.
My suggestion is adding customizable colour mixers to your workspace.
[Example of what I mean]

Not only would this increase workflow, but it’d increase user friendliness to the program.
I only ask for this as a feature from the fact before qubicle I was using a program that had this as a feature.
Thank you for reading, and hopefully you take into consideration my request.



I have just a feature to the last release that might help you:
Open the Tools menu and you’ll see “Set primary color” which opens the color mixer. All entries in the main menu can have a keyboard shortcut assigned. The default one for this is C. If it’s not assigned move your cursor over the menu entry and simply press C. Now you can press C to open the color mixer.
It’s not the same as requested but might be a decent workaround for now.