Parent matrices or models to create a hierarchy


Hi all!

I feel kind of silly asking this, but I cannot figure it out myself. So here goes.
I’m exporting some vehicles I made into Unity using FBX which works great!
Now I want to create a Helicopter with a Rotor child object.

So I create those two matrices in one qubicle file.
Now, I want to make the Rotor a child object of the Helicopter.
My goal is ofcourse that I can export this in one go to Unity so I get a hierarchy like this:


  • Rotor

WITHOUT having to parent it manually in Unity.

Sounds simple right? Well no, because I can’t get it to work. I’ve tried creating compounds in many different ways, but I just can’t get it right!


Diederik / Xform


Hi @diederik, actually I think you cannot create relationships in Qubicle. “Think” as I am not completely sure :disappointed:. Maybe one of the other community members has a bit more experience in that direction… or @admin can help.

If it does not work… you can always work with a specific name-convention and try to use a script (not sure if it works in Unity, in Blender it would), to create the relationships automatically.



Thanks for your speedy reply. I was kind of afraid that it might not be possible :(. Having a script to handle this is indeed a possibility, just not the solution I had hoped for.

Maybe someone else has any ideas?

Diederik / Xform

P.S. Ran into another issues while exporting the rotor for my chopper: It seems hard to get the pivot in the exact center of a voxel, so it could actually rotate around neatly… If I could only align some sort of parent dummy object… Hahahaha…These voxels are killing me… :wink:


Hm… again, don’t know Unity. In Blender (which I know), you can move the pivot to wherever you want (also in the middle of the Voxel). Maybe a question of tools :wink:.



Thanks again for your comment.
In Unity, there are some ways to change the pivot using script, which I don’t really want to do.
I want my models to be ready-to-go straight out of Qubicle for ease of use.

To be complete, here are the (un-tried) links I found:

To wrap this up for now, untill Qubicle adds some support for parenting I just export two loose matrices into one fbx and create my hierachy to create a Prefab in Unity. For now, the hiearchy seems to remain intact when I just add some voxels or colors and re-export, which is what I wanted to be able to do :smile:

As for the pivots, my workaround ‘solution’ is to create models/matrices that are symmetrical, so that the pivot can always be in the center. It indeed means my helicopter rotor is now twice as thick ;).

Diederik / Xform

LAST MINUTE NOTE: I just saw that the example Deer has it’s pivot neatly set to half voxel, so it is indeed possible. But I saw that the model position cannot be set to halfs, so that after exporting the pivot is correct but the position is not 0,0,0…


Another interesting thread on the topic of pivots. Maybe @y2bcrazy can share his experience.


I will add a new object type (groups) in an upcoming release which will enable exactly what you want.
So, already on the list.


Sorry for the thread bump, but the description for the Utility module says that it features "Unlock Compounds to manage big models with object hierarchies " but I cannot figure out how to do that. I’ve searched the forum and the website and can’t find any instruction. How does this feature work?



Here’s the knowledge base article for Compounds:

Other articles for tools and operations also detail the way they affect compounds.


Hi all!

Finally updated to the Steam version of Qubicle.
It works great and has lots of neat small things. I got the Indie edition so now I can use the Utility module, which should allow me to finally parent objects in a normal way. Unfortunately, I still cannot get it to work (!).

I see the changes you’ve made to the compounds (and FBX export) and read the article you posted above.
It states how you ‘Parent’ objects to the compound, but all it does is actually ‘Add’ it to the group.
Being a father myself I know the difference between being a Parent or being part of a Family :wink:

All I want to do is export my Helicopter with a Rotor child as an FBX to Unity!
In 3dsmax, I can just Link (= Parent) the Rotor to the Helicopter. Export. Done. Then in Unity, I see one neat FBX file (called Helicopter) with a child called Rotor. Ready to go!

There must be something incredibly simple I’m overlooking.

Please help me.


P.S. I really like the pivot aligning options!


So what you are looking for is to set relationships already in Cubicle, right?

To my knowledge this is not possible. You always export as one or many matrices and have to set the relationships later in the tool of your choice (I use Blender).


Hi Voxel_Pirate!

Thanks for your reply.

In one of the replies from the developer he mentions that exactly this features was going to be implemented in the upcoming (now current) release. So you can imagine my disappointment,

I feel that this should be do-able since FBX supports this sorts of parenting just fine, so it’s probably a matter of revisiting the exporter code.

On the bright side: once you have set up the hierarchy (inside a prefab, I’m using Unity), it’s perfectly possible to edit the matrices in Qubicle to update shape and color, and then re-export without having to redo the setup in Unity. So at least that is nice :slight_smile:

Hopefully something can be done for a future release!

Diederik / Xform


Let’s reach out for the @Admin as that really might be already in, in the last release (I am still lacking a bit behind with my version :blush:).



I joined the forum to bump this feature.

Hierarchies are really important for vehicles. I’d really like to be able to export compounds in their hierarchy.