Now Qubicle dead?


So sad to see zero progress and no answers anymore…
OSX Version does not work on Catalena. No news on new version.


I think so that… so sad too
plz reply @QubicleSupport


For me this is seriously horrible. I have a big Gameproject going with over 400 assets made in Qubicle. No other Software is able to open those files in a proper way. But i can not update to newest OS. I relay on Qubicle and never had doubts cause dev always said, that a new version will come.


I’ve contacted Tim in October and he replies:

As a matter of fact I am rewriting for over 3 years now. The successor
of Qubicle 3 will go into closed beta this month. The new version will
support 64-bit OSX at some point, but it’s is still a long way until a
stable release.

The rewrite is taking much much longer than initially expected, but I am
confident it was 100% worth the time.

So, I hope we’ll see new new 64-bit Qubicle one day, but for now I just installed Mojave as a second OS.


How did you do on a second OS? I tried with parallels on a virtual windows as well as a virtual Mojove but sadly Qubicle was not working on both. So my only option would be to have catalena on a virtual, but that’s kind of weird.


I don’t need Qubicle all the time, so I just installed it as a second OS, like this:


Tim said new version is coming?
thank goodness :slight_smile:


Yeah wrote that to me too, back in the days when he answered emails…
Did anybody hear from him in last 6 weeks?