Nice features to add


Qubicle is a very nice soft, one of my favorits :blush: great jobs ! This is a small list of things missing.

  • Perspective Camera

  • Add a button “add” in the Minecraft block list and dont close the window when we save

  • Add a option to frame camera on the last add block or currently selected element (things like this)

  • Export selected (like 3DSMax)

  • Export Textures only

  • Choose the name (Texture/model) )when exporting or add prefix like (T_ / SM_)

  • List of objets/folder(rename/hide/freeze)

  • Add reference 2D or 3D model

  • Better move gizmo. little scare for move in the X and Y at the same time for examples

thank you :yum:


Perspective Camera: working on it right now
Add Button: OK
Frame: Select object or voxel then Press f
Export select: select objects, then export (deselect or select all to export everything)
Export textures only: if you change a single voxel then the texture will be invalid, so I guess that does not make much sense tbh
Naming options for export: OK
Object List: OK
Reference 2D/3D: I don’t know what you mean?
Gizmo: OK

All the requested stuff is already on my list. I get tons of requests, so I have to ask you for some patience I am afraid.
Thanks for the feedback!

  • Select object or voxel then Press f : this is a very long way to frame the camera most of the time, auto frame like I say is on my opinion better (option/setting) :confounded:
  • Select objects, then export (deselect or select all to export everything) : Ok nice I did not know !
  • Export textures only : I do not change the model, but only the colors. To make even a different type of texture (wood/metal/plastique), the texture export only is for me and my team a missing feature
    Reference 2D/3D : This is an image or a 3D model for the referance of the positioning, When we build model. You can see an example of a 2D reference on the screen I post :blush:

Tank you for the very fast reply and accept the Feature ! Great jobs :purple_heart:


That could definitely be usefull.
Other interesting features could be :

  • a smooth brush
  • Changing the size of the perncil and the paint tools. This would be great for big models and terrain.