Need help fixing problem with lines in mesh?


ok so im having a problem with unreal engine where these little lines show up in my models like this


the line appears from certain distances and certain angles



my friend says its because of the way they are exported from qubicle, if i move the vertex over like this there is a hole

how do i patch these without screwing up my texture? i have 0 uv experience



when i use the watertight export option, the line becomes even more visible


I had a similar issue with Unity a couple years ago. I think I had to enable Snap to Pixel on the material. I’m not sure if Unreal has this, but that might get you started in the right direction.


i finally figured it out, it was because i had mipmaps on


In unity you change the texture import from bilinear to point. What happens is faces use only a few pixels of color, and there can be some bleeding when compressed. Sorry can’t help with unreal but that’s your problem. Mipmaps would only be part of the problem.