My experience updating from 2.5 to 3.1


First i would like to say this is the best voxel editing software i have used. Any criticism is aimed at making this software even better.

The improvements in export times is excellent. (from 20mins to 20 seconds in some cases)
Some of the new tools are useful.

Removal of the split tool:
This was an essential tool in my workflow. Now i have to go in and out of the matrix and use select then Split off.
Reinstating this tool would be super useful.

“Box” and “Box select” tool changes:
These tools although more intuitive to use now are drastically slower to use and having to confirm the selection with the enter key makes the tool a chore.
I would recommend the use of double clicking the selection to confirm selection or a nearby button as an alternative to hitting the enter key.

Adding customizable shortuts to the interface controls would be nice. The change to the shortcut for the Tool Wheel is taking a while to adjust to. And i would like the option to adjust camera controls to match other 3d software i use.

View and Render windows seem to be on par with Qubicle 2.5, The wireframe performance hit is still massive making larger models difficult to work with in wireframe mode. Turning wireframe off resolves the issue, but makes modeling difficult

Using Rectangular Select tool to select large selections just refuses to work, yet Box select seems to have no limitations

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey there.
thanks for the feedback!

You can very easily customize shortcuts, please check:

I had to move the tool wheel because of the alternative camera control scheme. You can now control the camera the Maya way and the simple way. Please check

About the Split tool and the Box etc tools: I’ll check what I can do for you

The rectangular marquee is slow on some machines because it uses an old school 3d select method that with some gfx cards is nowadays performed on the cpu rather than on the gpu, hence the slowness. Some users were able to force windows to use the gpu .

I am confident that the wire mode will be much faster once the new render engine is rolled out (still some work to do)



Hey again, I have added a faster way to apply tool actions for extrude etc. Now you can dbl click to apply. Will come with the next release 3.1.2


Sorry I missed this. Great news. :slight_smile:


dbl? where this ? Mine does not have


dbl is an abbreviation of double. So Double left click selections to confirm.


Thinking more about this selection confirmation, should we even need to confirm for the box select? I sorta get it for extrude and box tools but Box select could function without confimation. eg.

make box selection then:
move (v)
delete (backspace)
duplicate (ctrl drag)
nudge (arrow keys)
copy (ctrl c)

Currently the boxed selection will cancel as soon as anther tool or command is recognized, where as I am suggesting automatically confirm as the next tool is engaged.

Hope that makes sense.