I have no idea how hard this would be to implement, but I thought I should ask.

Would it be possible to implement multi-threading?

I’ve found that even when Qubicle is really trying to do an operation, it caps out at 17% of my CPU. This is the amount I always see on single threaded applications.

I actually have had scenes in the past that would be rather laggy when I move the camera and would reach this 17% cpu usage, so multi-threading would be quite helpful in making the application perform better in my opinion.

EDIT: So, during this post I decided to make a cube. Qubicle let me make a 999x 512x 999 cube.

Just a cube, but yeah. I clicked go and looked at the cpu usage to make sure I got the number right and then this happened.

It won’t stop going xD Thought this was entertaining and should be posted too. It’s my own fault it happened.

EDIT EDIT : This caused my system to run out of memory from the constant erroring. I lost a wordpad document with my grocery list that told me to buy bananas. This was a serious loss, but thankfully I have recreated the document so all is well.


Multithreading is complicated yes. I know i should add it. Someday