Multi-languages of Interface?


So cool more free time for make other things! :slight_smile:
Have you yet a Qubicle French site ?


Seems the 3.1 on Stream has not yet the French version?


@Admin Very pleased to launch a new version! But does not seem to support Chinese and Russian?


@Pilou no, not yet. A new update with French, Spanish and other languages will be out next week

@law_4x No, not yet, Chinese and Russian will require some more magic. Qubicle can currently only render the 256 chars of ISO-8859-1.


@Admin Well, then I continue to localization, waiting for the support of software code!


Which language are you working on?


Chinese! working,I remember qubicle 1.0 support Chinese localizatio。。 maybe…


No, QC1 did not support Chinese
I’ll try to get Q3 working in Chinese, but I can’t really promise, because I don’t know how to do this yet. But I’ll give it a shot


I changed the lang_en.ini file


Ah ok, I wasn’t aware of that. What I meant is that I never released an official Chinese version of QC1. So if a Chinese version is out there, then it’s definitely a crack


The Danish version’s development has now begun! :smiley:


awesome, thanks dani!