Multi-languages of Interface?


Any plan for this ?
If Yes I can make it like I made the French UI for Qubicle 1! :slight_smile:


Yes, this is planned. Not sure when I will start implementing it, though. Depends on user feedback.


So wait and see! Ready for it :slight_smile:


If you need some help, I can translate to brazilian portuguese :wink:

Steam vs. standalone?

@arthurciappina thanks for the offer! Iโ€™ll come back to it.


I could help you with Greek, if itโ€™s in your list.


Hi there! I can help with Spanish language!


Putting language files up on github and accept pull requests for fixes / additions is a good idea.


Hey, I want to offer my help with Polish translation.


We can help with Portuguese Brazil!


Iโ€™ll be more than happy to translate it to Danish :smiley:


When will language development begin :sunglasses: ?


Iโ€™m generally curios about when to start :smiley:


For me this should have a low priority. I am a Spanish native speaker and I prefeer that other features or changes are done before doing this.



@Admin We need more languages! It is common practice for the user to submit the language text just on github and the administrator to agree to merge. Users will be very supportive.


@law_4x Good news: I almost finished the required implementation. Will come with the next release. First translation will be German (because we are). The Github approach will come too.


Advice me when the files will be ready for I can start the French translation!


Qubicle 3.1 is out now which is the first version to support localization. I have added German on my own, because, well, I am German.

For instructions on how to write, test and submit your own language file (and for rewards) I have set-up a GitHub. Please look here:

Thanks in advance for your help!


OK I begin the French one! :slight_smile:
That will be be not very difficult as I made the French previous one! :wink:


Pilou, I am very sorry, but a french version already is completed and uploaded to the Git. It arrived only 2 hours after the release.