Muerte's Arena, now on Steam Direct


I recently released a game on Steam Direct Early Access and utilized Qubicle heavily in a large portion of key art assets. The game is Muerte’s Arena (

I’ve owned Qubicle for a while now, since it was released on Steam a few years back. I’ve found it to be intuitive and well designed. It was largely due to its design and ease of use that I decided to make use of it instead of another means of model creation.

Everything that is interactive in Muerte’s Arena was made with Qubicle. The groundskeeper, the gun, the flashlight, the belt, even the menus. Everything that is static and non interactive (walls, torches, doors) were made with Blender.

Animation was done in Blender, but I did opt to utilize a static means of animation in some places. For example, the slimes are multiple Qubicle models cycled in visibility in order to produce an animated effect.

I hope to make use of Qubicle throughout the life of this project in order to create more interesting and complex weapons. Thank you Minddesk, without Qubicle I don’t think my game would look as cool…but that’s just me, I might be biased.


Really great to see more games made with Qubicle!

I currently have a mobile game in the “oven” also made with Qubicle, keep up the good work!