Move camera up / down whilst working


Whilst working on something, I need to move the camera UP/DOWN

I don;t have a 3 button mouse, so the instructions that mention the middle button, are no good to me. Even the alternate method mentions assumes a 3 button mouse. Come on guys, the majority dont use a 3 button mouse.

I’ve seen this asked before and the admin failed to answer properly by just insisting the use of press f for FRAME - this is no good to me.

Can someone please tell me how to do this? I used Magica Voxel in the past and had no such problems. Perhaps you can look at an alternative/optional mapping for a 2 button mouse that’s similar to Magica Voxel?

Let me illustrate this with an image - I need to get as the voxels down at the bottom of the model, hidden by the swatch. I need to move the camera down. I don’t want to frame, as I need to be zoomed in.


The 3 button mouse is: press down the mouse wheel
I don’t know anyone with a mouse without wheel


Went and bought a new mouse - and everything works as intended. In fact I’m flying through projects now, and even bought the OBJ / mesh export add-on!


ALT+SHIFT+LMB works for me on Mac. There are actually loads of combinations of alt, shift and every mouse button to achieve zooming, panning and rotating. You can do without clicking the wheel.