Matrix List and Hide


Matrix List:
A list of every matrix in the scene. This would make it easier to find some parts especially when working with complex models that overlap with each other.

Hide Matrix:
To add to the matrix list the ability to hide a matrix from the scene view would be nice. Especially when working with complex models.



I like those features I suggest contacting the developer here:

Good luck! I hope I helped: slight_smile:


Was about to post this as a new topic, but I am putting it here instead since it’s the same thing:
“I would love to see an Outliner similar to most 3D programs of all the matrixes in a model, along with grouping (if not for doing operations, at least for model organization). On large models this could really help a lot.”


@Majorstudio Do you me like this:?



No, I’m referring to the “outline” window prevalent in 3ds max, Maya, Blender, c4d…

A list view of the hierarchy of all elements in the scene. That way, I can select objects by name rather than by the scene display.

Does that make sense?


I see, yes I agree with you then, that would a great feature.