Linked Smart Matrixes


One feature I find very useful in my work is photoshop’s linked smart objects, where a layer is linked to an external file, any changes to that file is reflected in all files that reference that layer. This is useful for making 2D modular assets, that reuse timeline based animations, i.e. townfolk will share the same animation sets, but have different heads and clothing.

I’d like a similar feature to exist in Qubicle. Where I can make a linked copy of the original voxel matrix, where any changes will be reflected in all instances of that matrix. This would be useful in doing frame by frame animations in Qubicle, which is what I’m exploring now, copying the base object, and tweaking it per frame. With this feature I’d be able to make similar assets, like differing humanoids, without having to go into each and every frame, but by just editing the original.

There are other applications, like linking tree objects, in a scenery but later wanting to modify one and be reflected in all trees.